Ending a Difficult Relationship

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Mar 13 2011


Dear MacOS,

the past seven months with you as my single OS were an experience that I don't want to miss, but we just cannot go on like this. I'm exhausted by our quarrels about which window is in front. You wanted to lock me in, but I just felt locked out. I needed my freedom, you just gave me embedded X servers and virtual machines. Don't pretend to be surprised, I know why you wanted to prevent me from shrinking your partition! But your intrigues were in vain, and I have now returned to my first love, Kubuntu. Maybe we can see each other again from time to time. I still love your body, and Kubuntu is completely okay with this, as long as we don't multitouch. Farewell Snow Leopard! No more Cmd+Q disasters, no more "each tool has a different use for the home key" hassles, no more weekly updates for an iTunes I never use!


P.S. You still had all my emails, although you could never find them with your Spotlight. I moved them to my new home this morning while you were sleeping.

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