Wikidata to Bring Semantic Data to Wikipedia


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Mar 30 2012


The Wikidata project – a major effort to establish a platform for editing and sharing data among all Wikipedia communities – will start next Monday, 2 April 2012, and we are already very busy drawing diagrams and discussing data semantics here in Berlin (I have the pleasure of being the Data Architect of the project, so I better get cracking to define some data model).

Today, Wikimedia Germany e.V. has also published there first official press release about the project, entitled Data Revolution for Wikipedia, and what an echo we get! The Techcrunch article is quite nice; the Twitter feedback on #wikidata is beyond my capacity. Now all that remains to be done is to actually implement it …

Technical details will be published on pretty much immediately. We will need strong support from the Semantic Web community to leverage this data. From the discussions we are having, it will be quite rich and more than your average RDF. Certainly some technical and academic challenges to be addressed there.

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