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3D BaukastenA Better Uncle For OWLA Brief Introduction to FCA
A Categorical View on Algebraic Lattices in Formal Concept AnalysisA Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics
A Description Logic PrimerA Description Logic Primer (IOS Press)
A rule-based ontological framework for the classification of moleculesActivitiesAcyclicity Conditions and their Application to Query Answering in Description Logics
Acyclicity Notions for Existential Rules and Their Application to Query Answering in OntologiesAdventures of Two Little OWLs in Rule LandAktuelles
Algebra and orderAll Elephants are Bigger than All MiceApproximate OWL-Reasoning with Screech
Column-Oriented Datalog Materialization for Large Knowledge GraphsComplexities for Nominal Schemas
Complexities of Horn Description LogicsComplexity Boundaries for Horn Description LogicsComputing Stable Models for Nonmonotonic Existential Rules
Concrete Results on Abstract RulesConcurrent Classification of EL OntologiesConjunctive Queries for EL with Role Composition
Conjunctive Queries for a Tractable Fragment of OWL1.1ContactCurriculum vitae
DLP isn't so bad after all
DL Role Constructors
Denny Vrandečić
Description Logic Reasoning with Decision DiagramsDescription Logic RulesDescription Logic Rules (monograph)
Description Logics (IEEE IS article)
Description logicsDespoina Magka
Die Zukunft der Wikis: Semantic WebDresden
ELK: A Reasoner for OWL EL OntologiesELK Reasoner
ELK Reasoner: Architecture and Evaluation
ELP: Tractable Rules for OWL 2Efficient Inferencing for OWL ELEfficient Inferencing for the Description Logic Underlying OWL EL
Efficient OWL Reasoning with Logic ProgramsEfficient Rule-Based Inferencing for OWL EL
Extending Decidable Existential Rules by Joining Acyclicity and Guardedness
Five years of structured wiki data with SMW: experiences and directionsFixed Parameter Tractable Reasoning in DLs via Decomposition
Flag & Check: Data Access with Monadically Defined QueriesFormal Concept AnalysisFormalizing Ontology Alignment and its Operations with Category Theory
ForschungFoundations of Semantic Web TechnologiesGeneralized Ultrametric Spaces in Quantitative Domain Theory
Grants and awardsGrowing Open Source Communities Around Academic Projects
Hong KongHow to Best Nest Regular Path Queries
How to reason with OWL in a logic programming systemHow to use Wikidata: Things to make and do with 40 million statements
Ian HorrocksIntroducing Wikidata to the Linked Data Web
Is Your Database System a Semantic Web ReasonerKnowledge, Structure, and Other Stuff
LaTeXLeveraging Non-Lexical Knowledge for the Linked Open Data WebLinux on MacBookPro
Logik und Logikprogrammierung: Aufgaben und LösungenMac OS Installation Guide for Linux Users
Main Page
Markus KrötzschMarkus Krötzsch (deutsch)
Migrating Emails from KMail to Mac
Morphisms in ContextMorphisms in Logic, Topology, and Formal Concept Analysis
NewsNominal Schemas for Integrating Rules and Description Logics
Nominal Schemas in Description Logics: Complexities ClarifiedNonmonotonic Existential Rules for Non-Tree-Shaped Ontological ModellingNotes
OWL: Yet to arrive on the Web of Data?
OWL 2 ProfilesOWL 2 Web Ontology Language Conformance
OWL 2 Web Ontology Language PrimerOn the Complexity of Horn Description Logics
On the Complexity of Universality for Partially Ordered NFAsOn the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics
Ontolog2Ontologies for Knowledge Graphs: Breaking the RulesOpenGL im Handumdrehen
Order matters!Orel: Database-Driven Reasoning for OWL 2 ProfilesP ≠ P
Pascal HitzlerPractical Reasoning with Nominals in the EL Family of Description Logics
Practical Reasoning with OWL and DL-Safe RulesPractical Reasoning with OWL and RulesPublications
Publications by date
Query languagesQuerying Formal Contexts with Answer Set Programs
Quo vadis, CS?Reasonable Highly Expressive Query Languages
Reasoning in Semantic WikisReifying RDF: What Works Well With WikidataResearch
Reusing Ontological Background Knowledge in Semantic WikisReviewingRevisiting Acyclicity and Guardedness Criteria for Decidability of Existential Rules
Rule languagesRunning Canon EOS 400D under Linux
SPARQL Beyond Subgraph MatchingSchema-Agnostic Query Rewriting for OWL QL
Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1Sebastian RudolphSecond-Order Queries for Rule-Based Data Access
Semantic MediaWikiSemantic MediaWiki: Past, Present, FutureSemantic MediaWiki (Foundations for the Web of Information and Services)
Semantic MediaWiki (ISWC2006)Semantic MediaWiki (Semantic Knowledge Management)
Semantic MediaWiki in 15 minutesSemantic WebSemantic Web – Grundlagen
Semantic Wikipedia (JWS2007)
Semantic Wikipedia (WWW2006)Semantic wikisShareAlike Your Data
Short biographyShortipedia: Aggregating and Curating Semantic Web Data
Terminological Reasoning in SHIQ with OBDDsThe Complexity of Answering Conjunctive and Navigational Queries over OWL 2 EL Knowledge Bases
The Fast and the NumerousThe Incredible ELKThe Largest DLP Possible
The Not-So-Easy Task of Computing Class Subsumptions in OWL RLThe Tensor Product as a Lattice of Regular Galois Connections
The Two Cultures: Mashing up Web 2.0 and the Semantic WebThe Two Cultures (JWS2008)Toward a More Powerful Terminal on MAC OS
Towards The Largest DLP PossibleType-elimination-based Reasoning for SHIQbs
Unchain My EL ReasonerVLog: A Column-Oriented Datalog System for Large Knowledge GraphsVeröffentlichungen
Veröffentlichungen nach Datum
What Is Ontology Merging?Where is your knowledgeWikidata
Wikidata, die freie Wissensbasis von WikipediaWikidata: A Free Collaborative Knowledgebase
Wikidata: The Next Big Thing for WikipediaWikidata (lecture at WISS 2014)Wikidata Toolkit
Wikidata and what it means for SMWWikidata as a Cultural Heritage Information Hub
Wikipedia and the Semantic WebWorld Wide Vegetarian
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