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  1. 3D Baukasten
  2. A Better Uncle For OWL
  3. A Brief Introduction to FCA
  4. A Categorical View on Algebraic Lattices in Formal Concept Analysis
  5. A Closer Look at the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics
  6. A Description Logic Primer
  7. A Description Logic Primer (IOS Press)
  8. A rule-based ontological framework for the classification of molecules
  9. Activities
  10. Acyclicity Conditions and their Application to Query Answering in Description Logics
  11. Acyclicity Notions for Existential Rules and Their Application to Query Answering in Ontologies
  12. Adventures of Two Little OWLs in Rule Land
  13. Aktuelles
  14. Algebra and order
  15. All Elephants are Bigger than All Mice
  16. Approximate OWL-Reasoning with Screech
  17. Column-Oriented Datalog Materialization for Large Knowledge Graphs
  18. Complexities for Nominal Schemas
  19. Complexities of Horn Description Logics
  20. Complexity Boundaries for Horn Description Logics
  21. Computing Stable Models for Nonmonotonic Existential Rules
  22. Concrete Results on Abstract Rules
  23. Concurrent Classification of EL Ontologies
  24. Conjunctive Queries for EL with Role Composition
  25. Conjunctive Queries for a Tractable Fragment of OWL1.1
  26. Contact
  27. Curriculum vitae
  28. DLP isn't so bad after all
  29. DL Role Constructors
  30. Denny Vrandečić
  31. Description Logic Reasoning with Decision Diagrams
  32. Description Logic Rules
  33. Description Logic Rules (monograph)
  34. Description Logics (IEEE IS article)
  35. Description logics
  36. Despoina Magka
  37. Die Zukunft der Wikis: Semantic Web
  38. Dresden
  39. ELK: A Reasoner for OWL EL Ontologies
  40. ELK Reasoner
  41. ELK Reasoner: Architecture and Evaluation
  42. ELP: Tractable Rules for OWL 2
  43. Efficient Inferencing for OWL EL
  44. Efficient Inferencing for the Description Logic Underlying OWL EL
  45. Efficient OWL Reasoning with Logic Programs
  46. Efficient Rule-Based Inferencing for OWL EL
  47. Extending Decidable Existential Rules by Joining Acyclicity and Guardedness
  48. Five years of structured wiki data with SMW: experiences and directions
  49. Fixed Parameter Tractable Reasoning in DLs via Decomposition
  50. Flag & Check: Data Access with Monadically Defined Queries

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