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Markus Krötzsch

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. My scientific interests are, broadly speaking, in the area of intelligent information systems. I have made contributions to lightweight and rule-based ontology languages, query answering, reasoning complexity, and content management and integration platforms for the Web of Data. This has led to many publications, but also to introductory texts (including two textbooks) and other teaching materials. I also co-edited the W3C Web Ontology Language standard OWL 2.

My most important ongoing development projects are the semantic content management system Semantic MediaWiki and the highly efficient ELK ontology reasoner. I maintain the community portal. In each of these projects, I have the pleasure of working with some excellent collaborators.

Further details can be found elsewhere:

And, finally, regarding that name or mine: It is written Krötzsch or Kroetzsch, but never Krotzsch. The vowel ö (umlaut o) is pronounced long, and sounds roughly like the ea in the English pearl or the eu in French peu (try making these sounds while forming your mouth as when saying an o). You could try to combine the sounds that appear in the following words:

chrome + pearl + match

Or simply call me Markus.

enMarkus Krötzsch
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