The Incredible ELK


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Yevgeny Kazakov, Markus Krötzsch, František Simančík

The Incredible ELK: From Polynomial Procedures to Efficient Reasoning with EL Ontologies

Abstract. EL is a simple tractable Description Logic that features conjunctions and existential restrictions. Due to its favorable computational properties and relevance to existing ontologies, EL has become the language of choice for terminological reasoning in biomedical applications, and has formed the basis of the OWL EL profile of the Web ontology language OWL. This paper describes ELK—a high performance reasoner for OWL EL ontologies—and details various aspects from theory to implementation that make ELK one of the most competitive reasoning systems for EL ontologies available today.

Published at Journal of Automated Reasoning (Journal paper)

Download PDF (last update: Nov 20 2013)

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As of 2013, this is the main publication about the ELK reasoner. The work largely subsumes, extends, and improves the earlier publications Concurrent Classification of EL Ontologies and ELK Reasoner: Architecture and Evaluation.

The above PDF is a preprint. See the publisher's page for the final version.


Description logics, ELK Reasoner

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